Friday, 23 March 2018

Desolator Magic: What is Canadian Highlander?

Let's talk about one of the stranger MTG side formats: Canadian Highlander. As you can tell by this video, I have so much respect for this format and everyone who designed it.

- Source, Desolator Magic

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Dominaria History: Phyrexian Invasion, Urza's Death, the Mirari

It is a return to some of the oldest and most classic stories in MTG history. In this video we recap the events to the Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria. Urza tries everything to stop his enemies advances but eventually joins them. His pupil, Garrad Capashan must lead the forces now and activates the Legacy Weapon to defeat Yawgmoth for good! Dominaria enters a new era as the Mirari is discovered. It is an ancient power that grants wishes.. nothing good can come of it!

- Source, Aether Hub

ALL DOMINARIA Promos Spoiled Magic the Gathering

All of the Dominaria Promos have now been spoiled! What is hot? What is good? What do they look like? Check out MTG Lion's latest video to learn more.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Tolarian: Is it worth it to buy Masters 25 for Magic The Gathering?

Masters 25 is the latest Masters set, coinciding with Magic’s 25th Anniversary, it seeks to contain cards from across Magic’s 25 year history, including cards from every set, with an emphasis on nostalgia as well as the usual Masters aims of providing needed reprints, all while maintaining an enjoyable draft environment. 

But like all Masters sets, it still carries with it the higher than usual MSRP of 9.99, and with a higher price come higher customer expectations. Masters 25 boasts big, but does the end product swing in for a critical hit, or fizzle out when opened? Let’s take a look.

Masters sets have always been designed with two primary goals: a great draft experience, and providing needed reprints for formats like Modern, and to a lesser extend Legacy and Commander. These goals however have often been competing with one another, with the requirements of a balanced draft environment often being the reason that unneeded reprints have made up the bulk of the cards in these sets. 

With Masters 25, the added goal of a nostalgia set puts even more strain on this product, and this review with examine each of these elements to see how well they have been accomplished.

Saffron Olive: Daily Dominaria Spoilers, March 21, 2018, New Frames!

Dominaria spoilers officially started today! We've got a mythic to talk about, along with some spicy rares and potentially playable uncommons. Let's break them down!

- Source, Saffron Olive

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Signature Spellbook: Jace

A while ago Wizards told us that Signature Spellbooks would be replacing From the Vaults, and today we finally got the contents of the first edition: Signature Spellbook: Jace. Let's break down what's inside!

- Source, Saffron Olive

MTG Goldfish Podcast: Modern, Arena Drops NDA, Cheating

The crew discusses the latest Modern results, Arena dropping its NDA, and cheating in Magic.

Market Monday: Modern vs Commander vs Pauper, Where should you Invest?

Many Magic the Gathering Players ask: Which format is the best to invest in for 2018? In this video I go over the current market trends and outlook and why I think Commander is the best format to sink the trade value into. Let me know if you agree? Will I be wrong about modern AGAIN?

- Source, Rogue Deck Builder

Monday, 19 March 2018

Masters 25 Booster Box = JACKPOT, Lady Luck TRIPLES our money

Rudy opens up even more Masters 25 booster boxes and hits the jack pot! Tripling the value of the box, this is a gold mine!

- Source, Alpha Investments

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Brewer's Minute: Hidden Treasures, Morningtide

Hey, everyone! It's time for another Brewer's Minute! This week marks the return of our sometimes sub-series Hidden Treasures! Last time, we talked about some of the sleepers of Lorwyn, which means this time, we're moving forward to the tribal-heavy Morningtide. 

What cards from Morningtide deserve a bit more credit than they get? That's our topic for today! Like usual, I don't have any deck lists for the cards we'll be talking about today, so if you have some ideas for decks or synergies that could make our Hidden Treasures of Morningtide work, make sure to let me know in the comments. Perhaps with our powers combined, we can come up with some fun and maybe even competitive lists featuring the cards from today's list!

- Source, MTG Goldfish

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Alpha Investments: Magic Cards Have Different VALUES in Different SCENARIOS

Valuation, for Valuable Cards, and Valuable Players. MTG finance is explored in depth by Rudy of Alpha Investments. Difference cards can have different values, it all depends on the market.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Dominaria History: Brothers War, Ice Age, Leshrac

DOMINARIA is Magic The Gatherings next set. It is a return to some of the oldest and most classic stories in MTG history. In part 2 we examine the event known as the Brothers War. Mishra and Urza wage all out war and Dominaria suffers for it. An Ice Age overtakes the plane and a new evil, Leshrac rises.

- Source, Aether Hub